Sunday, March 26, 2006

Randomings in London

A few days ago, I watched the small city of Oxford dissolve into the green hills of England behind the bus which was transporting my mom and myself to London. I miss it...though I don't know why I'm surprised. I felt so much a part of the place--the colleges, everything--though I only spent a very short time there. And so is the magic of Oxford, or so I'm told. I miss the castle-like colleges (there are 39 which make up the entire university) and all the people and places….My favorites were Exeter, Christ Church, and (of course) Harris Manchester.

London is beautiful, to be sure, but I miss Oxford and its simple peace, nonetheless. Speaking of London, so far we have been to two different plays: “Mouse-Trap”, based on the novel by Agatha Christie (I loved it); and “Chicago” (I loved equally well. Note to Danielle: you would have enjoyed it too ^^).

We have spent two nights in London, and have been kicked off a bus twice because we had forgotten to buy our tickets ahead of time. Everyone else seems to have an easy time with the bus system, but my mom and I always seem to make one mistake or another….ie: we don’t have exact change, we board the wrong bus, we get hopelessly lost (yes, hopelessly is a good word for it #_#), etc. Now, I think we have finally figured it out….I think.

Anyways, we managed to make it to the British Museum today—which had a jaw-dropping (well, at least that’s what I did *shrugs*) display of Egyptian artifacts, as well as Greek. I was able to see Cleopatra’s mummy too (apparently she was only seventeen years old when she died). Random thought: but she was shorter than me (I know, it’s revolutionary). Well, I did tell you that it was random didn’t I?
Now continuing: They had monoliths and sphinxes by the dozen—literally. They were also showcasing the Rosetta Stone—basically the stone which allowed Egyptologists to translate the hieroglyphic language so that they could understand it. I think my mind is still reeling with all that I saw, example: @_@. I had no idea London boasted such a collection—and the museum itself was modeled after the Parthenon (huge Grecian pillars, etc.). It was amazing.

Note: one British tradition which I believe I could get used to is that they serve gelato (a kind of icy-fruit ice-cream) at their theatres. It is so delicious. Note to self: forget souvenirs—just save your money for ice-cream. Generous one aren’t I? Just kidding, though it is very good, sightseeing and learning about the history of these amazing places is just about as good. We drove by Buckingham Palace yesterday—O_O, woooooooow.

And, my last words of wisdom for the night: Never take a cab to go basically anywhere unless it is a life-or-death emergency, I’m sure the Queen herself would wince at the fees and Agatha Christie couldn’t come up with a better form of torture-by-payment.

Well, goodnight everyone, we begin our official tour of Europe tomorrow—so I had better get some sleep, for we head to St. Paul’s Cathedral.

P.S. The souvenir of the day is a t-shirt from the museum with the stated quote: “If I am not better at least I am different.” –Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

Mom said it suited me beyond all measure. Goodnight! *Zzzzzzzzzz* Snoring sounds can be heard in the distance…..


Anonymous joan cc said...

Torey, hi. Your insights and vivid comments make us feel like we are there too. Glad to hear you are having fun! Did you see where the Harry Potter movies were filmed? I am glad to know that Cleopatra was not tall. Next time please take us with you. Best wishes, have lots more fun adventures! your pdx pals, joan cc and co : )

5:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are an excellent writer.

I have enjoyed your personal comments and humorous descriptions of your 'journey' to Oxord and London.

Please write more about what your seeing and doing.

8:53 PM  

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