Sunday, March 19, 2006

The First Official Day of Our Journey

Greetings everyone! We made it--after 12 long hours of flight and other tribulations along the way--we have finally arrived at our destination: Manchester College of Oxford University. Apparently, Manchester is the "youngest" college in Oxford by their standards--but the people have proven to be very hospitable and I already feel at home.
As I walked the path around the grounds today--I looked up to see a sight that I have never before witnessed: two large talons were curled just above my head upon the ledge of an ancient courtyard wall. As I raised my gaze, it fell upon a marvel of architecture. A large stone gryphon-gargoyle stared at me. I had never seen the like of it before, and I think I must have spent an hour looking for other ones around the place.
The stained-glass windows of the church were magnificent, and the patterns of the clothing and hair of the depicted characters were not merely painted on, but were made inside the glass itself (as I was told by the Minister, Peter). Also, there was a rendition of Davinci's "The Last Supper" inside the church--painted very skillfully by one female scholar of Oxford some years ago. My favorite scenes that were shown were of: Saint Mark, Inspiration, and Courage. They were so masterfully done--I couldn't believe it. I will have to ask Minister Peter again who exactly made the windows and when the church was built tomorrow. *So I'm a history/art/whatever the heck else geek: but at least I admit it. ^^*
About the lodgings: we are residing in a very nice and comfortable Oxford dorm-room. We also explored some of the others (some of which dated back to the 15th century I believe, if I'm incorrect on that count then I will correct it later, be assured). Some of these were so old that the floors were sloped at different angels. Also: some of them used to be seperate houses, which were put together to gain more space--which would account for the odd flooring and different structure-styles.
Tomorrow, I am able to leave on a tour around one of the many places worth visiting in Oxford while my mom is discussing different issues in the conference.
Well, I had best get some rest now(jet lag anyone?!?), hopefully I will be able to add more later--maybe even some photos. @_@



Anonymous Danielle said...


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Anonymous Joan CC said...

Torey, hi. Love your insights about London and Oxford. If you see Tony Blair, please get his autograph. I know you are having a great adventure. Have lots of fun, and Best wishes,cc : )

5:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Foreshadow,

You sound like you're having a great time exploring an amazing place with so much cultural heritage.

Your descriptions of the stained glass and gargoyles are so vivid, I get a sense of being there myself.

Thanks for sharing your experiences. Your youthful outlook is very refreshing.

7:45 PM  
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